• 11/2021

    Oh, it’s already Monday! Two hard weeks behind me with two hard audits at work. But, it went ok and I am here and no audit until end of April, YAY! Hungary introduced even stronger covid restrictions until 22 March, with most shops closed. There are around 8-9 thousand people getting officially sick every day.…

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  • 10/2021

    There was a 5 day long audit at work last week. It was terrible, so no time for anything really. The madness continues tomorrow with another audit on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I plan to take holiday. This is the pattern for this week’s Spoonflower challenge: Otherwise, things are depressing. Lockdown is extended and measures…

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  • 9/2021

    It was a busy week and a busy weekend. I missed to write my post yesterday, so I am doing it now on Monday morning before I go to chiropractor. I was working this week on a drawing for the next Spoonflower challenge which is themed Rococo. I am so very impressed by those enormous…

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  • 8/2021


    This is going to be a very short one. I am not in the mood. I was too busy at work this past week, so I did almost nothing. Just a bit every day but not much in total. So today I am posting two videos and one pattern. I drew this over two weeks,…

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  • 7/2021


    Feeling really tired. Lola is pushing my arm and preventing me from typing because she wants to be scratched. It was a terrible cold week with lots of rain which turned to ice overnight and for two days I was not able to unlock our gate and had to use car entrance to go out.…

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  • 6/2021

    Hmm.. I really did not manage to carve and print every day, actually I made only two prints: But I did make a nice pattern for this week’s Spoonflower challenge titled Year of the ox. I really surprised myself because I felt totally uninspired by the topic, but once I started drawing I started liking…

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