Hello World…

This will be a blog about coloring. In my scarce spare time, among other things that I do, I create line art for coloring. First when I started it, few years ago, those were kind of mandalas done with color pencils just for my own pleasure. Then, at some point I thought that other people may be interested in coloring them, so I started redrawing my art in ink, tracing it in Inkscape and placing online on a blog. After some time, I also started drawing line art with pencil and ink, and coloring it myself later on, or sometimes not at all. I just realized that black ink and plain pencil can create very interesting shapes and relationships. Most of my line art starts from one single dot, circle or square and then gets additional shapes growing from those that already exist.

So, slowly, in my scarce spare time, I will start uploading my old and then new line art. I want to move my old blog here and, of course, to add new art as I create it.

Coloring pages are intended for grown-ups, and older children, because they are quite complicated drawings and require patience and steady hands. I am sure there are people out there who will find them useful in their search for their inner peace and a creative self, or maybe just for some fun in their moment of leisure.

Graphics are png files, you need to download them and open in a drawing program, or just plain MS Word and you can resize them and change transparency (make lines paler if needed) and print on any paper you like and color with any tools you like.

Happy coloring and let me know if you stumble upon this coloring book, I would love to know that someone visited.

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