Week 2-8 March 2015

Yes, I forgot to write the post for last week. I forgot even to put on my to-do list, which is obviously the reason I forgot it in the first place. Or the second place 🙂

Whatever… I finished on Sunday the gold-leaf project for Life book 2015. It is here:

Photo 07-03-15 08 53 45 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 08 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 15

The original assignment was to make a boat on which we would use gold leaf. I was not inspired by that idea, so I thought to make these flowers, using the same pattern I used for the dandelions from the last week. Gold leafing was quite a pleasure, but I talked about it already last week.

I also finished editing the video about my February Journal page, which can be seen here:

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