Sick or not so sick

Mostly I am pissed with myself because I feel unwell. It’s kind of cold and it is not. I feel like almost normal but still need to lie down. My head aches but it’s not so bad. But it’s not normal. And I feel incredibly restless and angry. I did a new entry in my black book. Started last night finished this morning. It really does not look bad but it does not photograph properly. The gold turns to yellow and silver to white and it all looks just plain awful. And it’s not. Just makes me pissed off.


And then I tried to make a closeup in hope it will look better, but it looks the same.


It’s back to bed for me, I guess…

2 responses to “Sick or not so sick”

  1. Love your art! Also gah! I have the same notreallyflu thing from what u say, today I’m determined to get up and do stuff cos since Friday night I’ve felt like a damp rag, achy sleepy but not proper-ill. Wish u wellness soon! X

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