World Watercolor Month: Days 9-11

This is the first time I am ahead of challenge! I can’t believe, but there must be something between me and watercolor. Is it love? It’s days 11 and I have 12 ATCs and those yupos and since last night also two larger size works. Anyway, today I posting just the ATCs I did for the challenge.

The first one is this pink-blue flower or something. I did the orange splashes first and then worked around them. I don’t know what’s with me and this work-around stuff, but I seem to enjoy it 😀


The second one is a colorful ATC done the same day:


The third is called ‘bored lady’ this is how she looked to me. She is saying: yeah yeah, all that colors and bubbles… and what about the deep sh*t? When are you going to deal with that?


I listened, so this last one for today is a bit darker:


And after that I did too even darker pieces, but I will show them tomorrow.

4 responses to “World Watercolor Month: Days 9-11”

    • LOL! She really looked pissed with me 🙂 . I bet that’s exactly what she would say if she could speak. Oh, am I having a conversation with my artwork now?!

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