World Watercolor Month: Days 7-8

So, my abstract watercolor ATC challenge is continuing. I have made two ATCs and one Yupo abstract over for days 7 and 8.

The first one is an ATC on cold pressed watercolor paper:


The second I did is this Yupo color mixing and doodling:


A friend of mine on Instagram wrote it looks like turkey 😀 I can see some bird features, such as three wings… I could imagine this on my t-shirt!

And the third one I made last night is ATC on hot-pressed paper with two funny faces hiding in between shapes:


Tomorrow is my traveling day, so I will probably not post, but I will keep painting. Very happy with what I achieved this week, even though I had to spend days in the office. Seems that small size abstracts are quick and achievable. They are also quite pretty I think 🙂

2 responses to “World Watercolor Month: Days 7-8”

  1. I only caught one gnome from your instagram photo and then you said there were two! Goodness…that little one hid himself too well! 😀 You are really rocking this the ATC size! And that colorful, alive, dancing yupo paper painting might as well be a print on a t-shirt or a canvas bag or a canvas purse or a pencil case or… many possibilities!

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