Ever After: Week 1

And I am already behind! I should be finishing lesson 2 this week and I only just finished 1. Anyway. This was hard, because we were supposed to follow as close as possible what the teacher did, use the same supplies and techniques. It makes me itch and fidget and wish to abandon it and never some back to it again. This is, among other things, another journey in self-discovery. And what I confirmed this week is that, when I am not in the flow, my patience is very limited and my attention span that of a squirrel. However, what I knew from before is that when I decide that something will be done, that something gets done. Eventually.

Here she is – The Little Mermaid Tam’s way:


If you showed it to me, I would never say that it’s mine! LOL! Another thing I confirmed: I do not particularly like Neocolor II. I prefer the traditional watercolor because it flows and moves. I suppose one could treat Neocolors just like the pan watercolor and try to make washes. That remains yet to be tried… What disturbs me is their greasiness… I don’t know. I don’t hate them, but somehow we did not ‘click’. This was completely done with Neocolors, some color pencils, graphite pencil and white gesso and acrylic.

My favorite part of this painting is surprisingly the seahorse. I was so stressed about the thought of drawing him, that, probably, if I hadn’t followed the lesson closely, I would go without him. What a mistake that would be! You know why? Because I am currently doing a watercolor of seahorse ‘my style’. And I am loving it. And if I haven’t followed the lesson, I would have never discovered my love for seahorses. You will see tomorrow…

Tomorrow, of course, is back to World Watercolor Month! YAY!

6 responses to “Ever After: Week 1”

  1. I think your mermaid is delightful. I do appreciate what you write about it not feeling like your style, however. I tend to manipulate all art lessons so that they conform to my style. I don’t feel like I learn anywhere near as much from emulating someone else’s style. So I adopt the techniques, mediums and approaches but try to maintain my own style. Hopefully that makes sense. I actually really like Neocolor II in mixed media pieces. I like to layer them over acrylic. I do get them really wet, however, which eliminates any greasiness.

    • Tam has asked us to do the lessons exactly as the teachers did just to be able to try all the things which we maybe even do not know we like 🙂 that’s how I discovered my love for the seahorse. She thinks that it is part of style development… I hope she is right. LOL! The course seems to be very good. It’s very intensive, the lessons are several hours long and you have to watch if you want to follow it exactly… Positive experience.

      • Ah. I see. Fair enough then. I am glad I didn’t have the funds for that course, sorely tempted as I was, because lessons several hours long would not fit in with my schedule right now. I will just live vicariously through your blog.

  2. At first glance I thought it was Tam’s work being posted but on closer look I already knew it was yours. WHY? There is something in her eyes and lips that screams that its yours. The difference is very very slight and as I have been used to looking at Tam’s work and yours, I can definitely see the difference. And that is VERY VERY COOL! I love that even though you tried your best to emulate Tam’a style as per the lesson, somehow your own spirit emerged. You absolutely have your own unique style and it showed no matter how you not try to make it show. Brava my dear!

    • Aww… Thanks Carrie. I am in this course in search of my own style… I hope it helps 😀 We learn to do things in a particular way and from one or more teachers. I just realized how comfortable I am with Tam’s lessons because I learned from her. Today I started to draw another teacher’s lesson and I really suffered trying to imitate her style. Funny. I think you are right especially about the lips, I noticed it too, it slipped my control 😀

      • Your style will keep on insisting to come out in each of these projects you will be doing. Watch out for it. Be a witness to your own style. It is exhilarating! Until you let it out it will persist until you do. So, yes…let it go! Woot!

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