World Watercolor Month: Day 15

I had a busy day, but not so much doing art as with other things that needed my attention. So, I have only one ATC to show you which I did yesterday. I did another one today, but forgot to take a photo, and now it’s dark and it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I also have a video from yesterday for you! Surprise, surprise, it’s a seahorse!



8 responses to “World Watercolor Month: Day 15”

  1. Your seahorse is delightful. I enjoyed watching the video of your process. Do you plan in your head which colours are going to go where in advance or do you work intuitively?

    • Thanks! No. I just reach for the first color that catches my eye and then build on it – usually chose what will mix well…

  2. Wow bless your sweet bones for posting a video ! Gorgeous work, just love it and I am so glad you shared this with us. I may try this technique a bit and see, but I do think you are making this look v easy and it most certainly is not. You have a dynamite color instinct too which really helps! Just love this series, Lucy.

      • I am very tempted and I feel pretty color confident but wow. I need to do color studies first! You’re a stone cold natural and I am so glad you are painting in WC daily. You inspire the heck outta me, particularly your abstracts. Oh, we need more abstract painters!

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