Collage Flowers

Art Journal, Mixed Media

Yesterday I finished last week’s Life Book lesson. I was lazy to start but I have to say that I really liked the making of it. And I love how it turned out:


The vase is a cut-out from my painting palette (there is a stencil mark visible too) and it dictated the colors I used for flowers, because the teacher’s were different. I have to say I love mine better :D. I am so excited about this signal magenta – it’s my very favorite color. The background was done with watercolor and I used my sprays which I prepared for Vitamin Sea class. I have to say it’s a brilliant idea to make watercolor sprays: you can make a stunning background in seconds. Of course you cannot see any of it because it got covered by collage and acrylic paint :). The flowers and leaves are cut-outs from an old copy of Kama Sutra (I never read it and never will, and it was printed on such bad paper that it had got this natural vintage look, perfect for collaging, so I could not resist). I haven’t used acrylics in a while, so this was quite a refreshment… Off to catch-up with Vitamin Sea today…

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