Little Moment of Happiness

I was so excited to get back to my Black Book. I started a mandala two weeks ago, and then travelled and decided not to take it with me because I wanted to devote myself to catching up with courses. Yesterday I finished it.


It’s such a pleasure for me to do these little doodles and dots that fill up shapes of my mandala. I used Liquid Pearls, sakura glaze pen, sakura metallic pen and white acrylic ink.

This morning I started a new one. I don’t have much time before going to work – I can devote only some 20-30 minutes and they fly so fast. I make myself a cup of coffee and I sit and doodle and sip my coffee and 30 minutes is gone. But I feel so recharged and so happy (and so looking forward to the following morning).

Little moments of happiness.

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