Post-Migraine Musings

I seem to be fine today. Except feeling a bit shaky and sad, but it may have nothing to do with anything that happened previously. Actually, it has everything to do with at least something that happened, otherwise it would not be happening. Do you know what I mean? No? Never mind. I did finish something in my Play Journal this morning, but I did not take a photo. Instead I recorded a small video for Instagram, and I will try to insert it here, not sure if it will work, let’s see…

It’s not working in the preview, maybe it will work in the real view, maybe not, bear with me. I think it’s not my fault, I am pretty good with computers but this WordPress application has a  mind of its own.

The weather is nice and sunny and it’s been really beautiful the whole week. Alas, I am office-based, so I can only admire it from inside and with the migraine going on for four days I didn’t do even that. I did not go for my morning run this morning, because I was afraid that the migraine might come back. And I needed the rest. Instead I doodled a bit longer this morning while drinking my coffee and it felt really good. I love my mornings.

I had this sudden idea while I was driving to work today that I could open a Redbubble or Society6 profile and see if I can get some audience for my stuff. Actually I was thinking how cool it would be if I could get some of my doodles on a t-shirt or pencil case, or pillow case, or some such thing. So, maybe I will get something going next week when I get to the scanner and properly scan stuff, because photos that I am taking are not really well taken. Let me stay with that idea for a little while. Maybe… Maybe it’s just a migraine after effect and it will pass. It would not be the first time.

I also finally get the idea how to finish the huge canvas I started months ago on my mother’s request. Oh, I am so bad with producing ‘useful’ art. I easily fill the journals and notebooks, but when it comes to actually purposefully producing something to really hang on a wall, I am useless. So, I have this idea: I already did the background and was thinking about doing some doodle flowers on top, but somehow could not decide how exactly I want them. So, related to the previous idea of scanning and printing my doodles, I thought maybe I could use the prints to make a collage on top of that big canvas. I think it might look cool. So, I am definitely scanning those pages next week and printing them the week after, and then I will see how they look and decide.

And I also need to continue playing catch-up with my courses. I decided that I will stick to Life Book and Vitamin Sea because they are the most important. I will download Ever After lessons for some time later. After I finish the Vitamin Sea, I will concentrate on BOD 2016, which was totally neglected. Oh, yes, and I already downloaded the Art Journal Summer School 2016 and I will do it next year in January to make winter more bearable. Does it sound like a plan to you? And no shopping for courses until Christmas. After that I will buy Life Book 2017. But that’s allowed, right?

So… If you read until here, thanks for your effort. If you lost me somewhere along the way, I don’t blame you. Regular arting broadcast will resume tomorrow 🙂

3 responses to “Post-Migraine Musings”

  1. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Migraines suck! And I can so imagine you are dead tired and feeling bad after a four day migraine.
    Sadly I can’t see your video. Hope to see your doodles on the canvas – sounds like a good plan.
    And I so recognize the catching up story. Sounds like mine. No buying new courses – first do my current class homework (Este Macleod), catch up on Lifebook, Ever after and Yellow class. And some more. 🙂

    • Thanks! I guess we are all alike when it comes to enrolling into classes and buying art supplies. LOL! I also cannot see the video. I wonder why… I will have to use YouTube in future but I thought since it’s only a minute long it should be fine… alas…

  2. Cheers to hoping you are feeling better. If only it were easy to kick that migraine and say goodbye to it forever. Hopefully! Sorry I can’t view the video but I’ve seen it in IG and it looks so relaxing. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Your redbubble and society6 plans are awesome. Let it brew for a few more days and I hope you make the plunge. Your art is awesome and would look cool on shirts, pillow cases, etc.
    I think your plan of scanning your doodles and incorporating them into your canvas is a great idea. Trial and error is our best friend. If you won’t try you won’t know if it will work. But with mixed media, ah anything goes and anything works. 🙂
    You really have a lot pf online projects. Whew! I was blown away thinking how you manage them and still enjoy the process. You are one art superwoman! Keep the fire burning! Keep the inspiration going!

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