#carveDecember: Day 17

I love this one! It’s another garbage stamp, really small but I  made it double-sided. One side is square frame and the other little flower. It makes really happy pattern with these inks, I think.

Our third day in Munich. Last night we met a friend of mine and went for a dinner in a classical German tavern where they brew their own beer and serve great local food.

This morning I woke up with sore throat again at 5 am. I managed to go back to sleep and when I finally woke at 7 I was ok. So we went out to have a breakfast and cake and coffee in the center and then met my friend and went to visit the Olympic complex from 1972 Olympic Games. The weather was good, even sunny and it was a pleasant walk. 

We are now back to  the hotel gathering energy to go out for dinner. We will digress from the local food a bit and go visit a Brazilian  restaurant. I have never been to a Brazilian restaurant before and I thought it might be fun. Let’s see.

5 responses to “#carveDecember: Day 17”

    • Thanks Laura! I used to do it all the time last year because I didn’t have enough rubber 😊. It works well if the shapes are similar on both sides…

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