It was a busy week at work, so I did not have much time for art. I also did not do anything on this web site, so I am afraid that I will forget the little of what I learned. Not a pity really because it is just a little. Something important happened: I bought myself an iPad, with pencil and all. I immediately downloaded procreate and Illustrator and Photoshop and started drawing. There is so much to learn, but I can finally do it from the comfort of my bed and sofa and not depend on whether I have the necessary light or surface to place my paper on. I expect it will help me being more productive. Here’s a little mandala I drew the first day:

I realized that now I can easily create line art, even in vector format, because there is another app called Fresco, which can draw vectors. Yay the possibilities and hello coloring pages. I can now refresh the supply of coloring sheets that I originally started with on this blog. Maybe some people among you would be interested. Let me know.

Apart from having great fun on my iPad, I continued with the #100littlepatternprints but I skipped a few days because work was really crazy. Here’s what I did:

Not bad really considering how little time there was, right?

Otherwise… I did not take Lola to the vet, because her ear got better. Her digestion is improving, so I will wait February as it was the original plan. Still no date for Mother’s surgery. The snow has melted and now we have mud again. After several very cold days there arrived several very warm ones, today it’s cold again, but somehow smelled like spring. Probably it’s just in my head.

So that’s all for today. I am keeping up with my weekly posts for the time being, we are all kind of healthy and mostly happy, so all good. Let me go back to drawing now. See you next week.

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