Hmm.. I really did not manage to carve and print every day, actually I made only two prints:

But I did make a nice pattern for this week’s Spoonflower challenge titled Year of the ox. I really surprised myself because I felt totally uninspired by the topic, but once I started drawing I started liking it to and I am really pleased with the result:

And then a complete surprise: my design got featured in Spoonflower newsletter:

Results will be announced next week, I do not think I will win enough votes to make it into first 50, but this was by far my most liked design and being featured is a prize on its own. Yay!

I did work on another design for next week’s challenge, the topic was patchwork and I really like what I made. I am ordering it to make a sofa cover. Will post a photo next week.

It was my birthday on Wednesday. We made tiramisu and shared it and some sparkling wine with our neighbors out on the terrace. Stupid lockdown, but I am grateful we could do that much. Depressing.

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