Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

Think, she says to herself, but do not overthink stuff. Collage, acrylic, modelling paste, watercolor on hot pressed watercolor paper.


And see her in the making:


Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

The only limits are those you impose on yourself…


Work in progress. She is deep in thoughts. She is rather unhappy, scared and in need of encouragement… which can obviously come only from inside. But she is not strong enough today.
Collage and acrylic background and watercolor on top.

She knows

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

She knows but she is refusing to accept it. She hopes it is not what is. She hopes that it is true that everything changes.


This was done on 5×7 stand-alone sheet of 300gsm hot pressed paper. It’s mostly acrylics and collage for background and the face is done in watercolors over a layer of watercolor ground. Her right eye is bigger but it happens to real people too, right? 🙂


Art Journal, doodles, Faces, Mixed Media


Here’s another one in Book of Days series. It’s called ‘look’. I used a photo from the internet as reference. Actually the photo was of a child but I transformed it into a woman. It felt good to actually look at photo and paint as opposed to always painting my women from imagination. This way I could blend my imagination and reality and I really like the result.


Art Journal, doodles, Faces, Mixed Media

This was the prompt in week 19 of Book of Days. In this case, it’s childless mother. Yes, in case you wonder, such mothers do exist… They will never meet their child, but motherhood is, nevertheless, deep in their bones.


First Holiday of the Year

Art Journal, doodles, Faces, Mixed Media

I am in Croatia at the seaside. And it’s not raining, which is quite an improvement in comparison with what I left behind. It’s sunny, but cold. It is very cold in the house, so we are trying to be outside as much as possible. The quantity of light is amazing. My soul is blooming with happiness. I am painting every day for several hours. I am recharging my batteries, because soon I will be back to the gloomy, rainy and worky reality. Let me not think about it for three more days…


She is strong

Art Journal, Faces


She is strong and beautiful
Her wings are made of cobwebs sprinkled with stardust
She rides the clouds with butterflies
She runs with seahorses through sea dust
She is happy
She is loved
She can do anything

Is future important?

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media

Pause… why do I always need to know what happens in the end? I will come to the end one day and still keep wondering most probably. Or realize that nothing happens… and that everything that ever mattered were those moments I believed were leading somewhere… and I  kept questioning and expecting instead of just accepting there is nothing but that which was there in that moment… hmmm… rain and snow this morning obviously put me in a strange mood… I love how this one turned out so I left it without adding any inky lines on top in fear I may ruin her…