She Thinks Positive Journal: 62-63

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My holiday is definitely over and today is a working day. It’s cold but nice and sunny outside. I did not go out today and don’t plan to before tonight and tonight is a movie night, we will probably watch Fantastic Beasts for lack of anything more attractive. I do not expect much from that movie, but let’s see…

I have finished these two girls yesterday before my travel back:


This morning I lacked inspiration to create anything. I did a few strokes on one unfinished journal page, gessoed two pages in my She Thinks Positive Journal and that’s all. I’ve been scanning the doodles I did over the past days to upload them to my Redbubble shop. I feel tired and nervous, probably because of the change of temperature and scenery. Everything seems to be getting to my nerves and I really need to make a huge effort to stop myself reacting negatively. I will take it easy today…

Play Journal Update: 22 September

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Just a quick sketch from yesterday in my Play Journal:


Done in colored pencils with some watersoluble pencils for background. She knows she is pretty, but is not so self confident anyway. Something is bothering her…

Play Journal Update: 18 September

Art Journal, Faces, Play Journal

The weekend is almost over. I did a lot of work and not too much art, but important thing is that I kept my practice and did something every day. Today I am giving you an update from my Play Journal:


This was done at work on Friday, during lunch break and a long phone call. It’s partly based on a dream I had the previous night in which my late father was complaining about not inviting him to see my new home for many years, and partly on a weird idea I got about drawing a giraffe. The dude is the male figure from my dream (nothing like my father) and it’s pretty badly drawn I know, but that’s fine. The giraffe, on the other hand I love (I looked at a photo on the Internet for inspiration and reference). I did not know I could do any of this with just a ball point pen. I am seriously surprised.

And the next one:


I looked at some photos on the internet as reference, because I decided I should practice drawing from reference and not just from my imagination. The male turned out much better, but his haircut is gross and he feels very intimidated for that reason 🙂 And her I do not like much… Important thing is this is all done with colored pencils and no erasing, which is again a surprise for me. It’s good – practice makes me more confident.

It’s late and it’s raining… There will be no running in the morning, but I can always aim to do some arting instead. I hope we will get some more sunshine this week…

She Thinks Positive Journal: 21-23

Art Journal, Faces, She thinks positive journal, Watercolor

As I said yesterday, it is time for a She Thinks Positive Journal update. I haven’t done much, only three pages since my last post, but never mind, there is no deadline only the goal of completing the journal one day. Which feels very good!

I also like the idea of having a dedicated journal for a theme, so there is no pressure and whatever I feel like creating one day, I just reach for that particular journal… Takes a lot of pressure from me… Don’t know if some of you have the same feeling and if you understand my ramblings 🙂

Enough talk, here are the pages I did:


As you can see, I did two half-turned faces, which is a new thing. I finally learned an easy way to do them from Jane Davenport, that is why they definitely have a touch of her style, especially in the hair. Never mind, I am happy that I can finally do it decently. I need more practice, so more will follow 🙂

I also bought two Ecoline bottles: bluish green and turquoise (used in the hairs of the two half-profile girls). I love them and will definitely have to get more. Unfortunately, they are a pretty rare find in places I visit and these were only two colors that belong to my favorite group. We will see what I can think of in terms of finding a decent source of them…

I am off for a walk (and possible ice cream) because the weather is too nice to stay indoors. Have a happy Sunday!

Life Book Update

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In spite of my resistance, I did finish the last week’s lesson in Life Book 2016. Today I plan to finish this week’s one and then I am all caught-up with Life Book and I am sure it will feel very good.


I just posted her on IG and commented that she looks weird. Actually, I do like her a lot. It’s funny how she just appeared, I did not paint her particular face, I did not imagine her, she just came. The lesson with Annie Hamman was intimidating for me. It’s acrylics and I am not particularly excited about painting with acrylics and it was uncomfortable to paint the dark colors first and then go over with the light, but it gave her this loose painterly look, which is quite nice I think. The collage in the background was supposed to be visible, but somehow it disappeared 🙂 I used die cuts as well, and they are visible and I think they look good.

Due to a sudden problem that I mentioned on Tuesday, I have to drive back to Hungary this afternoon. I am far from happy about it, but it has to be done, so no use to think about it at all. I do have a weekend to look forward: full two days in one place, which happens only rarely because I always travel on Sundays.

And that’s it for today. I feel much better obviously – I managed to get some rest and to sort out my priorities and everything is ok, at least at this moment. It makes me wonder how my mood is changing depending on how I feel physically and what happens to me and around me, how fragile the inner peace is and how easily it can be lost. Most probably I can do something about it, meditation, whatever. First step though is to become aware of it, right?

She Thinks Positive Journal 8-13

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I feel that summer is slowly leaving us. Mornings are colder and days are not so hot any longer. Cool mornings help my running routine, but that’s about as positive as I can be about it. Along with the drop in temperature, sadness slowly creeps in and that terrifies me. I do what I can. This journal is one thing. Here are pages I haven’t shared yet (8-13 of 120). ‘She is grounded’ is my favorite. Which is yours?


World Watercolor Month: Days 27-29

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Finally I am back to normal. It’s rainy and cool and I can sleep again. The only thing that I miss about the seaside is my early morning swim. But a good night sleep is much more appreciated.

So, today I actually finished the last of my 31 ATCs, therefore I have accomplished my challenge. I will save that one to post tomorrow though because it’s still drying.

Today I am posting my work done over the past couple days of my seaside holiday. One is an ATC done with only two colors and the other one a larger piece done in my 5×8 Strathmore journal. Here they are:



World Watercolor Month: Day 16

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Today was my travelling day, so I am exhausted and ready for bed after sharing this with you. Yesterday I did some watercolor mixing experiment that went wrong on two ATCs and almost on the third one as well. The third turned out pretty nice after all, I made some mud, but actually I like it because it has a rusty old feeling to it and if you look closely the colors are really beautiful.


The two failures, I gessoed over and today I painted on top of the gesso. I love how gesso gives texture under the watercolor and how one can see the layer below. Gesso helped that the first layer of watercolor does not bleed through to the second. I may do this on purpose in future 🙂


I think this one might be my favourite… I am quite in love with her.

And, of course, the video:

World Watercolor Month: Days 11 and 12

Art Journal, Faces, Watercolor

As I hinted yesterday, here come two darker pieces. These are not ATCs but they are anyway small, only 5″x7″ or 12.5 x 18 cm. What to say… You start painting intuitively and sooner or later ugly things will come up. If you listen, you will hear. And don’t be surprised. This is what you were seeking for. This is healing through art. Be strong.






Faces, Mixed Media

Meet the artist :D. It does look quite like me, except that I wear glasses, but did not dare try to paint them.


This was done for Life Book 2016 with watercolors and white acrylic. It was real fun once I started, even though I felt a bit reluctant to start in the first place. This time left eye looks bigger or is it maybe just because it’s on the sunny side of the face?! In reality it is not… I think… 🙂 So, nice meeting you all.