Week 16-22 March 2015

I did not feel like doing any Life Book 2015 related stuff this week, but I was rather excited by making a new journal in which I will practice painting faces. I have done three this week 🙂 and here they are:


Face No. 1 I used graphite pencils, watercolour crayons and gesso on her face and hair. The background has a bit of stencilling done with black modelling paste [cooool…!], over it I pasted some tissue that I used for cleaning brushes and then I used some acrylics and a stamp.


Face No. 2 I enjoyed – I discovered that I can use soft pastel on her face to achieve nice smooth blending. Here I used watercolour for the background and pasted butterflies that I cut out from a napkin and then went over it with white acrylics.


Face No. 3 I gave her tiny shy eyebrows, I was scared to do them more boldly, but I think they turned out nice, so on next face I might try to use a black pen for eyebrows. Background is done with watercolour and white parts were covered by masking fluid before painting. Her t-shirt I did with Inka Gold and stamped houses over it.

The next one will have short hair and maybe even ears 🙂 I will start it today…

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