Week 23-29 March 2015

This week I really did not do much art, until the weekend. I wanted to continue with faces, but did not have time all week. Just on Friday i started face No. 4, the one with short hair, but I still haven’t finished it. Parallel to that I did one little piece, which I will call face No. 5, which I quite like:


I bought last week a block of Fabriano hot pressed paper to try, and I myst say I love it, It is smooth and beautiful to draw on and does not warp at all. It is little 5″x7″ or 12.5x18cm, but it makes it easy and fast to finish, so I guess I will switch to this for my faces, at least for the time being. I also bought some border punch (used for the border on the picture) and some paper flowers, obviously used for hear, and some napkins, which I covered by ink gold in the background, so you cannot see them 🙂 and some washi tape with roses – those you can see there in the bottom…

Another piece I did yesterday is for Life Book 2015, lesson by Jane Davenport about inner and outer world:


My lady first looked as a body builder with huge upper arm, so I had to stick down some more napkins to trim it down a bit, that is why it lost some of the roundness. Ah, well… I did not see it before I finished the whole thing, but her arm was kind of wider than her waist. LOL! Anyway, this was pretty easy to do once I drew that body. I am quite pleased with it.

At the same time, I was working on my face No. 4, but I haven’t managed to finish it for today. I will post it next week…

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