Week 29 June – 5 July 2015

It was a happy week. I am saying that because even though it was my “go to office” week when I usually don’t manage much of my art, I anyway did find time to create. That makes me very happy. The first thing I did is this little art journal entry:


I used gelatos for background and then drew the face over with Derwent drawing pencils and gesso. The pink and gold (which seems green on the shells and face are done with color pencils. Finally, the stamp is from ClarityStamp. It was done quickly, but I am really happy with how the face turned out.

On the opposite page of my journal, while waiting for paint to dry on the face, I did this mandala drawing with color pencils. Oh, it was such a bliss to do mandala again. I have no idea why I stopped drawing them. It’s pure happiness. I used black and white pens for doodles and borders after I finished with color pencils.


And then, jus because it made me so happy, I drew another one. The same process as above…


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