HeArt Journal or Grow Your Self February

Today new month starting and a new challenge for myself. I decided to call it #growYourSelfFebruary. I am going to do work on my emotions for the whole month through art journaling. I am using oracle cards for guidance in my contemplation in case they will fit my current emotional state. If they will not, I will just go with my emotions.

Here’s the start of the first spread:


The card I pulled last night said: ‘love matters’. Love who you are and be willing to give and receive love unconditionally. Yes it fits perfectly in my current state… and today I have to deal with my overwhelming fear of being abandoned betrayed unloved and unwanted. How do you ever overcome what’s poisoning your life in the name of something that’s possibly going to help yourself and someone else? That’s what today’s musing in my journal is about.

I am not going to fall in the same hole again. I’m doing fine….

Today is the first working day after my month-long break. I feel wretched…

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