End of February

February is not my favourite month, but I keep a special place for it in my heart anyway, because I was born in February. This February was good. I did art every day and I did lots of self explorations in my journal. And that felt so awesome that I think I am going to continue and there will be no special theme for March. I completed the journal I started last year and that also feels really good. Today I filmed a flip-through the journal and will post it to YouTube, so tomorrow I will put the link here.

As I haven’t posted for two days, there are several things I want to show you today. Two of them are done for Life Book 2016 and two are d daily entries into my journal. First there is this one:


It’s an affirmation page. We were supposed to paint over the transfer of our own photo, but as it’s not really my piece of cake, I just painted a face. For the purpose of this exercise, we will suppose it’s me. Then, there are affirmative sentences stating things I wish for or I want more of, or I want to change. Important is that all is in present tense and that all is positive. So there we go…

The next one for Life Book 2016 is below:


These are 5-minute painterly flowers. I have to admit that I kind of freaked out when I saw that we need to make painterly flowers again. But, as I said I would do all lessons, there was no backing out. After overcoming the initial fear, I have to say that this was easy, quick and quite enjoyable. And I think, pretty successful. I may even get to love the painterly flowers. 😉

And now the first entry into my new journal:


This time my journal is not hand-made, but a plain moleskin book with thick paper. I bought it months ago and was hesitant to use it, because I so love my hand-made ones. But now I decided it’s time, so here it is. The paper is good. It’s different, and will take some getting used to, but it will be ok.

Here is the second one I did today:


The oracle said “adventure” again. It’s funny, because I am actually going to spend a weekend away from home… It’s not going to be much of an adventure, but I am looking forward to it. I do feel a bit sick today. I have pain around my ribs, I guess I have some cold… So I am not so happy… However, here’s a page to give me courage. Go girl! Wishing you all a great weekend


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