She Dreams of Roses

Reality is one. Ways we see it are many. I imagine my life, I think I know how it should be. But nothing ever happens the way I imagine it. Do I also imagine people who are living beside me? Yes. What I know and what I will ever know will always be only my experience of them and not what they really are. Does life get any easier if you know that it’s not really what you think it is? Does it make it more simple or more complicated?


5 responses to “She Dreams of Roses”

  1. I love this spread and your sentiments. Life it seems is not always what we imagined it to be. There will always be that surprise factor and we have to sway and live with that everyday for the rest of our lives. Unexpected and expected adventures I call them. 🙂

  2. I think it’s all in our heads. We create our own realities. We can always make anything better or worse by how we think about them. My take. LOVE your artwork! Is this all done in acrylics (the flowers)? Really beautiful!

    • You are right Laura! Our attitude towards what we live through is the most important. Flowers are done in watercolor. I use acrylic for splatters and white lines and dots.

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