It’s not what you think

These days I am thinking about perception of reality and how we all have our unique representation of what reality is and how it is really strange that we will never know how it is that another person feels and perceives what is. And then… it’s not real what you think is real and you will never know what real actually is…

More meaningless doodling because I am restless and unfocused and uninspired…

And happy  Easter to all 🙂


One response to “It’s not what you think”

  1. Happy Resurrection Larisa! You spread still conveys happiness, being loved and content. Its okay to feel uninspired, unfocused and restless, I think we all go through this at some point or another. Others may be in it for a long time, while others get off it easily. Making art really helps, it releases some of the tension and helps us feel good. Art heals us in a lot of ways and it is good that you are still making art even if it feels like its meaningless doodling.

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