Ornaments in my Art Journal

This is a new thing. I always loved ornaments of all sorts and some months ago I bought a book called The World of Ornament. For me, it’s pure magic to browse through the book. I could do it for hours. I used some ideas to do several stencils that I cut recently. If you remember, I was kind of out of inspiration lately and art making was really slow and painful. One day this week I was just doing a simple colorful background in my journal and suddenly I was struck with an idea: why not try something ornamental on top?! This is the result:


I am really happy with how it looks. I am also happy because I used my water based markers and got some beautiful bleeding when mixed with white paint. Pure bliss… This was finished yesterday and today I already started a new one 🙂 Good bye art block! I know what to do now and I am again looking forward to sitting at my painting desk in the morning.

One response to “Ornaments in my Art Journal”

  1. Yey! Great for you! Art block no more. I love what you did here. Its so happy, so colorful and so alive. I also love all the small details, those lines are difficult to do.

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