Creative Chaos

Today I am sharing something rather unusual for me… I mean, no, it’s not the mess that is unusual, it’s just that I don’t share my mess all that often 🙂 Somehow today I was not in any deep thinking mood and don’t have a finished piece of work to show off, so I thought, why not share this:


So… I have many things in progress. The black page with white handwriting is part of a lesson for Life Book 2016. That one is  finished, I am just working on the second part which comes on top and it’s there in the far right upper corner. Next to it is this weeks lesson from Life Book 2016. Obviously I am a bit behind, somehow couldn’t make myself start the lesson in time last week, so I started both at the same time this week…

In the middle, there is my art journal with the current double spread ornamental doodles. I will be finishing that one tomorrow morning. Here in the lower left corner is my hand-made Food Mood and Exercise journal (I am trying to lose weight and it helps writing it all down, at least for me if I have to document it I think twice before putting it in my mouth…). Next to it on the big pile from bottom to top are: my company laptop, something on top of it, I do not know what, and on top of that my private laptop, on top of my private laptop is my little everyday planner, on top of the planner is my transparent travelling bag with art supplies, and on top of the bag is another hand-made journal where I stick some scraps I collect from mail I receive (or some papers on which I try something and then it’s too pretty to trash), and where I write my morning musings and doodle carelessly… Quite an impressive pile of stuff that is…

There you go… You got some insight into my morning routine. I clean it up every morning when I finish with my arting time, but next morning it’s again the same… It works for me…

Have nice Tuesday you all…!

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