Sadness comes from outside and from inside. For days now it’s been gloomy weather, cold and rainy, even snowy. My tomatoes froze in the garden and some flowers too. Lettuces are all muddy and limp. And the forecast is not better for two weeks to come… And then there is this internal sadness that is always part of me but sometimes it’s so strong it just overtakes everything and I feel all muddy, limp and lifeless just like my lettuces…

I have finished my ornamental spread I was woking on for several days. Here it is:


15 responses to “Sadness”

  1. The spread is so beautiful! Nothing that connotes sadness. I hope your sadness is as temporary as the weather. I think you are doing great coping with it. Your art journals shows that underneath that sad feeling there is a light that shines through your heart and art.

    • Thanks Carrie, yes you are right, there is always light. It’s an eternal play of light and darkness I suppose. That’s how I accept it…

      • You’re welcome Larisa. I too experience that roller coaster ride of light and darkness. I’m still in the process of accepting it…it a process. I’m glad that you have already accepted it. Moving on from this phase will be much more easier. Hugs!

  2. Your work is so beautiful, I wonder how sadness can ever even be inside you! I have anxiety issues that I manage with the Bach flower essences. Homeopathic, no side effects, and when my best sweet furry friend died, I took the remedy for sadness and it really helped me. Not sure if you’re interested in exploring, but thought I’d mention just in case. 💜

    • Thank you Laura. Well… I tend to bother myself a lot with thinking about death… it puts things in perspective most of the time because it helps decide what really matters in life. But at other times it becomes too much. I guess it’s normal ups and downs we all have. Thanks for recommending Bach drops. I may decide to try them but right now I am taking whole lot of herbal stuff (managed to control my migraines YAY). So one step at a time 😊❤

      • You’re welcome, anytime! Have you ever been checked for food sensitivities? I used to have bad headaches almost daily. Turned out to be a gluten issue. Getting off gluten led to changes of every kind in me: emotional, mental and physical. I noticed a difference in the headaches after two days. Dr suggested going off it as an experiment to see how I felt, as all the food allergy tests came back negative and they couldn’t find anything else wrong with me (but I felt miserable). Gluten is in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats. You can also Google 300 symptoms of gluten intolerance and you may see lots of familiar symptoms on that list. Best of luck to you; feeling unwell isn’t fun, but your art is so beautiful and I’m so thankful you have it (and we get to see it)!

      • Yeah, no allergies here… I am just very sensitive to all that’s going on around me, always have been. Writing it down and art journaling is an outlet for me, as being an extreme introvert, I do not communicate my thoughts and feelings to friends and family… Weirdo 🙂

      • You’re probably an HSP (highly sensitive person), as am I! There is a whole series of books that you may find interesting. Can’t remember the authors name but you could google HSP or highly sensitive person if you’re interested. It can be good or bad, soaking up the environment like a sponge. Depends what you’re soaking up! Peace.

  3. I hope you feel happier once you get your artwork going and are working on them! I find that even if your art doesn’t match your emotions, just creating something and focussing on other things besides how you feel can help a lot! Don’t forget, your art is your friend!

    • Oh yes! I have a morning art routine and I stick to it no matter what. Most times it;s easy, but sometimes I have to fight myself and push. At those times i just make marks on paper, stick down the paint, sometimes tear the stuff, gesso over it… Anything really, just to keep myself going, because I feel the relief and healing coming out as a result of the process.

  4. Definitely! Just the creative process itself is healing! Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the end result is. As long as we remember to let go of the emotions and try to enjoy the creative activity.

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