Dark is the Night

Of course it is, because it’s past 10pm. But there is something else that’s dark – my mood. I lost control yesterday and said something I should not have said to someone I love and who is weaker. And it was not fair. No matter how hurt I was…
So I am on the mend… being all forgiving to both of us. And I thought some color therapy would do me good so I did two backgrounds in my two journals. Because I couldn’t do anything else. It felt good. Good night world. Let better me awake in better you…


6 responses to “Dark is the Night”

  1. This page really reflected your mood…it maybe dark like your mood but you recognized your fault and made amends and that’s what is most important. The colors says a lot of mending and forgiveness. I hope you wake up feeling energized and happy. Great day ahead for you!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes. Art helps. I am grateful that I have a way to work with what I feel. It’s so important I think.

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