Meet the artist :D. It does look quite like me, except that I wear glasses, but did not dare try to paint them.


This was done for Life Book 2016 with watercolors and white acrylic. It was real fun once I started, even though I felt a bit reluctant to start in the first place. This time left eye looks bigger or is it maybe just because it’s on the sunny side of the face?! In reality it is not… I think… 🙂 So, nice meeting you all.

9 responses to “Selfie”

  1. Hi Lucy. Nice portrait. And nice to see you / your selfie.
    And it’s inspiring. Maybe I should check out the recent lessons in Life Book; this looks like a nice one.

    • Thanks Laura! It was quite easy following the black and white printout. I guess color can be misleading when you are a beginner 🙂 but this was quite ok.

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