World Watercolor Month: ATC Flip-Through

Just a quick post with the link to ATC Flip-Through. Here you can see all 31 ATCs that I did in July.

12 responses to “World Watercolor Month: ATC Flip-Through”

  1. Aww it was wonderful seeing all the cards together. They look so tiny and fragile. I love that you secured them with a ribbon. That gave it a very very sweet personal touch. ❤

  2. Hi Lucy, I loved to watch this video ATC Flip-Through ! Your work is beautiful and great idea to make ATCs! I have participated to the world watercolor month and managed my 31 paintings! I also did InkTober and now drawing December Adventure joining doodlewash! This year I have been pretty busy lol but I am a full time artist! 😉 I am new to your Blog but no more I follow you now! Come to visit me to my Blog it would be nice to connect! Have a great weekend 😉 Carolina

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