12 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month: ATC Flip-Through

      1. Interesting. I find setting myself a challenge keeps me motivated and focused – though I do prefer to not set challenges linked to time or deadlines as the pressure puts me off.

  1. Aww it was wonderful seeing all the cards together. They look so tiny and fragile. I love that you secured them with a ribbon. That gave it a very very sweet personal touch. ❤

  2. Hi Lucy, I loved to watch this video ATC Flip-Through ! Your work is beautiful and great idea to make ATCs! I have participated to the world watercolor month and managed my 31 paintings! I also did InkTober and now drawing December Adventure joining doodlewash! This year I have been pretty busy lol but I am a full time artist! 😉 I am new to your Blog but no more I follow you now! Come to visit me to my Blog it would be nice to connect! Have a great weekend 😉 Carolina

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