She Thinks Positive Journal 8-13

I feel that summer is slowly leaving us. Mornings are colder and days are not so hot any longer. Cool mornings help my running routine, but that’s about as positive as I can be about it. Along with the drop in temperature, sadness slowly creeps in and that terrifies me. I do what I can. This journal is one thing. Here are pages I haven’t shared yet (8-13 of 120). ‘She is grounded’ is my favorite. Which is yours?


4 responses to “She Thinks Positive Journal 8-13”

  1. She sees truth is mine. ❤ These are very beautiful pages of affirmation, Larisa. I can see your heart and vulnerability with every page. ❤ Continue on and let these cover the darkness hovering around. 🙂

    • Thanks for the nice words Carrie. Yes. This is definitely therapeutic and I suppose it will be great to look back at them once the journal is full!

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