Mermaid Face

Vitamin Sea continues. One more big challenge : stencils with watercolor sprays for background which didn’t really work. Jane used pastel paper and I used rough watercolor paper which seems to be too absorbent. I sprayed and sprayed and made almost muddy mess.

Then came drawing with soft pastel… turned face I think my second ever… there was lots of suffering but pastel is very forgiving… so it finally worked and I am totally happy with her.

I love this course! It’s so far the best of all art courses I’ve ever taken. 

4 responses to “Mermaid Face”

  1. Oh, well done. Both on the result and on persevering!
    Love the flowing lines in her hair and the white-wash look on her face (don’t know exactly how to call that, but it makes the face stand out nicely).

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