Life Book Update

In spite of my resistance, I did finish the last week’s lesson in Life Book 2016. Today I plan to finish this week’s one and then I am all caught-up with Life Book and I am sure it will feel very good.


I just posted her on IG and commented that she looks weird. Actually, I do like her a lot. It’s funny how she just appeared, I did not paint her particular face, I did not imagine her, she just came. The lesson with Annie Hamman was intimidating for me. It’s acrylics and I am not particularly excited about painting with acrylics and it was uncomfortable to paint the dark colors first and then go over with the light, but it gave her this loose painterly look, which is quite nice I think. The collage in the background was supposed to be visible, but somehow it disappeared 🙂 I used die cuts as well, and they are visible and I think they look good.

Due to a sudden problem that I mentioned on Tuesday, I have to drive back to Hungary this afternoon. I am far from happy about it, but it has to be done, so no use to think about it at all. I do have a weekend to look forward: full two days in one place, which happens only rarely because I always travel on Sundays.

And that’s it for today. I feel much better obviously – I managed to get some rest and to sort out my priorities and everything is ok, at least at this moment. It makes me wonder how my mood is changing depending on how I feel physically and what happens to me and around me, how fragile the inner peace is and how easily it can be lost. Most probably I can do something about it, meditation, whatever. First step though is to become aware of it, right?

3 responses to “Life Book Update”

  1. Lovely painting! The colors are fantastic – the light against dark really is right on.

    Congratulations on getting caught up on the lessons you have been wanting to do. Funny how they can weigh on us, right? And it’s good to hear that you are becoming aware of how the outside world can be such a problem for us internally. I agree that awareness is certainly the first step.

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