Life Book Update: 6 October

As with most other lessons in Life Book, I struggled to make myself start this one. Once I started however, it went great.


I managed to draw the face of my ‘muse’ with a marker without drawing it with a pencil first! And it looked totally ok! YAY! This lesson was not meant to be focused on learning a new skill or painting something pretty. It was about the self-healing.

On the left hand side the letters say: I am overcoming that I am not doing enough (meaning for my self-improvement and education, but also for the people I love). And this is a negative thought pattern, which I need to overcome. On the right hand side it says: I am doing my best. I am as perfect as I can be. (self-forgiving affirmation which was supposed to break the negative thought pattern on the left hand side. In the middle is my artistic muse who I saw in the meditation and the symbol I saw integrating with her as her eyebrows. It means noting probably. The unreadable part is her letter to myself. It’s ok, I know what she wants to tell me.


2 responses to “Life Book Update: 6 October”

    • Thanks Laura! I promised myself to do all Life Book lessons this year, and I am keeping up no matter what 😀 I only skipped the one where paper was burned, felt quite uncomfortable with the burning 🙂 I wish I did this well in other 4 courses I paid for…

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