Week 30 March – 5 April 2015

Oh, this was a very art filled week. I was doing faces and a monthly journal page for March. I also recorded and posted two videos!

This is the first face (actually face No.4) that I did not finish last week:


She has little ears 🙂 and her hair is a bit like mine… The background was done with masking fluid and watercolour.

Then, I started last week using my new hot pressed paper block and I am enjoying it so much. The paper is great, smooth and can take layers and layers of color and other stuff. I am very happy with it. This is the second piece I did on that paper:


I did the face with watercolour and soft pastel, then glued down the napkin around the face and then covered it with some watercolor. The hair is done with scrap paper and glass beads. I thought some quilling elements could give nice texture and dimension to it. I also got a new border punch last week, so I used it for her… Ehm… Shirt 🙂


Afterwards, I was thinking maybe I should practice more shading on the face, so I looked around on the Internet for some inspiration. Actually what I used is an IG picture made by Juna Biagioni (she does beautiful faces), and looked at how she shaded her faces. This is the result:


There are two layers of watercolour on this one. Then the continuation is this:


Face finished with addition of more watercolour, graphite and soft pastel and napkin glued down around. Also, her hair is ready on the left hand side. And here is the finished product:


And the final face:


I recorded the process for this one. It can be seen here:

And finally, my journal page for March:


I filmed that one too:

2 responses to “Week 30 March – 5 April 2015”

  1. Wowzers! Your art is so cool! My first visit to your blog so all new. You like faces, that’s for sure. I am always full of admiration for peeps who can draw faces, beyond me. It’s your mixed media elements that draw me in too, how you create hair etc.. I have quite a few napkins & forget to use them, you have reminded me to get them out & play. Thank you. Fascinating, each & every piece, that blue is mesmerising! C😊

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