Week 6-12 April 2015

Oh time is flying! It’s already April and I am sitting only in a t-shirt. YAY! Finally, it’s warm. My lettuce and cabbages are getting eaten by slugs, which is not so yay, but more of a sigh… I was in Cambridge last week and visited two art & craft stores and got me some supplies :). This means I did not have to pay the shipping which saved me some 5-15£ or maybe more, who knows. My obsession with faces continues. I’ve resorted to charcoal and pencil while I was travelling. Here are two face done in Cambridge:


For this one the light was really terrible in my hotel room. I was drawing in bed and in the evening, while watching tv at the same time, so she turned out a little dark for my taste…


This one I did the last day before travelling back. She is less dark, but maybe needed a bit more work. Ah, well,… I really like her hairdo 🙂


This was done yesterday, with charcoal and soft pastel. I rather like the sketchy look.


This is something else I did yesterday. I used my new stencil for butterfly and modelling paste and coloured it with twinkling H2Os (my catch from the UK). Used also some NeocolorIIs on the background. Really just an experiment to try the stencil and the watercolors.


And finally this lady, also done yesterday. I tried to make her smile, but she just kept puckering on me… LOL! I suppose those lips need to me thinner to smile…

Oh yes, my Beautiful Faces came on Friday. I am excitedly reading it and slowly trying some new techniques… Oh, happy…

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