Week 13-19 April 2015

Spring is definitely here. It was such a nice warm weather this week. I did some gardening: planted some flowers and cleaned grass around my vegetable patch. I prepared wood bark to make the paths around, which I will do next week. I did a bit of art too 🙂 Here is a girl I coloured with color pencils, the first one is work in progress and the second one finished. It took a lot of time, even though the drawing is small. Blending color pencils is not easy, but the result is quite rewarding. I read about it in Jane Davenport’s book. You are supposed to lightly shade the face with colors you want and then to press hard over them with white or some other neutral color and they blend like magic 🙂 The background I did with the stamp which I carved recently and then some gesso and acrylic. I think it looks quite cool…

Photo 14-04-15 15 46 05

Photo 15-04-15 07 34 53

I think I got a bit tired of faces so I turned to my art journal and decided to do something simple. At the same time I wanted to try Twinkling H2Os which I bought in the UK the week before. I have to say that I am not very please with them. The colors are nice, but you need to use a lot to reach nice coverage, which means there is not much pigment inside. Probably I will not buy more of them and will stick to the cosmic shimmer, which are so superior. Anyway, here are the two pages I did in my journal. They are both made with the same stamp that I carved last week too.

Photo 17-04-15 13 56 58 Photo 18-04-15 08 35 46

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