Week 20-26 April 2015

Another busy week at work, which means not much art done. There is one art journal page, done with Gelatos, Neocolor IIs and Clarity stamp stamp:


The butterflies are die cuts of an old map of Greece from a road atlas, hence the quote. I used both positive and negative. It is kind of cool. I love those butterflies, will have to do more with them. Here is a closeup:


Then over the weekend I did this one more page in my art journal. I just started layering color without thinking, was working fast to see what comes out. I am pretty pleased with the result. I finished it in a half an hour or so. If I needed only half an hour per page, I could do a page a day, which would be cool…


Then I got an idea that it would be cool if I made my own art journal, so I took 7 pages from my mixed media block, used five for the inside folded in half, which gives me 20 pages. I sew them together and used the other two pages to make the covers. It worked. Now I have an art journal which is approximately A4 in size. Very nice size 🙂 What is best, I recorded the process in the video. I am still working on it, but it will be ready for the next week’s blog post.

Next thing to do, of course was to start filling in my new journal. So, I started from the start, meaning the front cover. I recorded that one too, and will post it soon. Here are some photos:


IMG_0564 IMG_0563 IMG_0562

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