Week 27 April – 3 May 2015

I’ve had quite an arty week, which often happens when I work from home and do not have to waste time traveling to the office… I put a video of my new art journal creation process on YouTube, you can view it here:

Probably it is not easy to follow the process on the video. That is why I plan to put instructions on my blog next time when I make another journal. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Then, as you could see from the last post, if you read it, I decorated the front page of the journal, which I also recorded on the video and it can be watched here:

And then, nothing could stop me from recording another video, this time of the inside of the front cover:

I thought it’s a good idea to document the whole journaling process on this new journal, so I will be recording page by page as I go. It may be interesting to see in the end, who knows.

Last week I also finally did one of the Life Book 2015 lessons, which was Week 17. It was very challenging, but I am very pleased with the result:


I am sorry now that I did not take photos of work in progress, because they would be really worth seeing. It started as a rather Neanderthal looking, with eyes high in her forehead, but I thought, ok, so what, she will just be who she is. Then, I just could not do it, so I took titanium buff acrylic pain and painted over her whole face. Then I started again. I used clear gesso over the acrylic and so I could draw on top of it. The materials here are charcoal and inktense blocks with some white acrylic, so obviously it would not be possible to use them over acrylic. This girl looked very angry to start with. I guess she was really pissed because I took me so long to make her. At the end she softened, probably happy to be, just as I am 🙂 And yes, her mouth was painted over with white acrylic at some point, and then gessoed over and then done again. Clear gesso became my best friend, I did not know it was so useful and so nice to draw on 🙂

And finally for the last week, another entry in my new journal:

IMG_0606The background done with distress ink and distress stains and a new stencil. Then a layer of clear gesso, and then the face over it done with charcoal, inktense blocks and a bit of white acrylic. I left it pretty sketchy. I was a quick art journal page after all. Of course, I filmed it and will post the video this or next week 🙂 And here are some details:


IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0605

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