Week 13-19 July 2015

This was one hell of a week. At least temperature wise. I was in Croatia at the seaside and it was not pleasant. Apart from swimming and soaking in the sea, everything else was just too much effort. Nights were the worst: trying to sleep and not being able to because sheets are too hot and the air does not move. Consequently, not much art was done. Just two pieces from Art Journal Summer School:

2015-07-16 08.01.21

A collage describing a day of my holiday, actually the travel day. I met a friend in Split and we went to a cake place to have coffee (I had water, of course). I collected some promotional cards there and used them for my collage. Not really my piece of cake to document my life in such a way, but it was easy enough to do in that heat..

2015-07-16 08.02.30

And this is another lesson. It was about using stencils and layering with stencils. I made some notes about my holiday the heat and mosquitos. 🙂

2015-07-16 07.59.49

And finally, a lesson from Life Book 2015. This was so much fun to do. The face started as a collage from a magazine and I painted over it to make it my own. I really enjoyed that one. I started it before going on holiday and it was almost done, just some final touches were missing, so  I just finished it there.

On Saturday we headed back and this was what my car thermometer measured somewhere on Croatian highway:


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