Week 20-26 July 2015

I’ve had quite a busy week, artwise. Before I went on holiday I bought some alcohol inks to play with. I did not take them with me to holiday, because I had other plans. So I was so excited when I came back and saw them waiting for me at my desk. There was a little problem though: paper. In order to flow properly, they need glossy, non-absorbent surface, and of course, I did not have any. Why would I have glossy paper, when I use watercolor and acrylic?! So… I opened my journal and covered a page with gel medium… And it worked! I made these two:


It was quite ok, but the ink would not really flow, I had to blow it around, so no control whatsoever. Of course, I had to do something, and something meant going to the art shop for something glossy :). All I could find was glossy cardstock, so I bought several sheets, which were kind of A5 format. I wanted bigger, but I was not that lucky.

This is the next one I did:


So, the difference is obviously quite remarkable. It is flowing, very much flowing… Beautiful 🙂 No need to blow…

I was very happy with all that, so I recorded a video;

Next I finished a piece for Art Journal Summer School which was about creating animals from wash tape:


And then a lesson for Life Book 2015, which was about intuitive layering:


And to end with, I made another entry into my art journal about elephants and whales being killed by people… It’s what the writing is about which is probable not possible to read… I was triggered by the elephant stencil I received from ClarityStamp and a post about whales being killed in some traditional event on Faroe Islands. Anyway… It turned out nice and I really love it. Plus it looks quite cool on my new black desk 😉


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