It’s been a couple days since my last post. Not that I did not do art, just I was too lazy to write a post… If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, then it does not get done. I am a morning person, like from 6-10 am and after that I am good for nothing… Except procrastination, of course! LOL!

So what was I doing in these days past? Here first is a spread from my art journal which was made when I was not really feeling all happy. Frankly saying I was pretty pissed and nervous for no particular reason, probably hormonal 😉


I used oil stick in black. Pretty nice, you can make all sorts of marks with it and also, because it is kind of dimensional, you can scratch it, which was THE thing for me that morning, helped with my being nervous and all 🙂 The drawback is, oil needs time to dry, this dried pretty quickly though – in only one day! So, all is good.

The next thing is last week’s lesson for Life Book 2016. We were supposed to use modelling paste over watercolour background, but I realised I did not have any at hand, so I used gel medium. The effect is ok, though not quite as it was supposed to be…


And then again a spread in my art journal:


This one took some time, but I really enjoyed doing all the details. See what a change in comparison with the one which was made in bad mood…

And finally, the piece I finished this morning:


This was done in response to the prompt from Journal 52 and Book of Days with Effy Wild. I really enjoyed doing her.

So, it’s Saturday and we have a long weekend ahead, because the next working day will be Wednesday. YAY! Lots of art coming, I think…

5 responses to “Emerge…”

  1. These pages are beautiful, Larisa! I love that you don’t let your feelings get in the way of doing art. Angry, happy, hormonal or not, you continue to pursue your passion in art. That is one admirable trait I have to learn from you.

    • Thanks Carrie… yes I try to accept whatever I am at the moment. And art journal is very forgiving… there is a chance for healing or at least releasing some of the stress every morning when I sit and paint and I embrace it wholeheartedly. It’s doing me good…

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