Lady of Compassion

There is  this lesson in Life Book 2016 where we were supposed to find out where we are hard on ourselves and where we need to be better to ourselves. And I was thinking and thinking and realized that I am not really hard on myself at all. I am really really nice to myself. It’s the others that are suffering my hardness. And it’s not a nice thing to find out about yourself at all… However, even though I am hard on others at the same time it’s also me who is missing on things. You see what I mean: if I hurt someone, I also hurt myself, because I am not really enjoying hurting people, I am not enjoying not trusting people, I am not thrilled about not showing love and compassion to people I actually truly love. So, the big discovery is: through being hard on others I am really hard on myself. It all came together nicely and I could do the lesson :). Here are the four things with which I have problem with, that are supposed to be placed in the corners of the painting: trust, love, compassion and acceptance. And the lady is the Lady of Compassion who is helping with stuff. Useful insights come out of dwelling on stuff you thought is obvious…


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