Pain is deep in my bones


Pain is deep in my bones
Ancient pain from all bones ever
I keep the truth inside my bones
The truth is also ancient

8 responses to “Pain is deep in my bones”

  1. A very interesting and fun way to show emotions! I guess the blue ‘could’ be interpreted as a sign of the “pain” mentioned in the writing below the image… You can correct me etc., but that’s kind of what it conveys to me along with the writing… Very inspirational! I’ll be looking to see what else you created, I’m glad I found your site!

    • Thanks! Art (art journaling and writing including) is communicating on more levels, I think. One is what artist is expressing and what it means to him/her. Another is what a viewer is experiencing when they are looking at art. Both levels are “right” depending on who is looking at it, and that’s the beauty of art. While I was not thinking about pain as being blue, it may have arisen subconsciously, who knows. I usually create art journal spread over several days and so they rarely convey just one emotion (as I am always on emotional roller coaster, my mood changes several times a day, so unless I art it down very quickly, it is quite impossible to know what exactly I felt by looking at the spread). The writing, on the other hand, does express my current mood. It’s quick and short, so it can capture the moment.

      • That’s all very true! Art will “seem” the way the viewer chooses to see it. Either way, I like it! It’s a very interesting topic to see difference between how the artist feels about the art and how viewers see it…

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