She Thinks Positive Journal 14- 18

For today I have an update in my She Thinks Positive Journal. This week I managed to do a face and an affirmation every day. Next week is my office week and it will probably not happen, but let’s think positive, it might 🙂

Here are the pages from 14 to 18. In one of them I tried to do a profile and of course I had to use an eraser because I cannot get it right really. So that one deviated a bit from my rule in this journal. Obviously, I will have to practice doing profiles and half-profiles, because I never do them and I do not know how, so… Practice, practice I will 🙂 There will be more erasing…


Out of these five I love the last one best even though her eyes and her nostrils are not on the same level… What I like is her dreamy expression and her hair. Also her message is very applicable in this moment 🙂

Which one resonates with you today?

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