She Thinks Positive Journal 19-20

It’s been one busy week and I did not do much art. Last two days I’ve been back to my Black Book – discovered an unfinished mandala kind of something there and have been working on it, doodling with white pen and making dots with Perfect Pearls. It was meditative and soothing. As that one is not finished yet, I am not posting it now. Rather here are the two faces and two messages I did in She Thinks Positive Journal.


Do you see how her eyes are not at the same level?! Imagine that I did not notice it before she was almost done!!! And then it was too late. Ah well… I used color pencils to add definition and detail on top of watercolor. It works well.

Today is a big local holiday. There will be huge fireworks tonight. I hope it will not rain 🙂

4 responses to “She Thinks Positive Journal 19-20”

  1. Don’t get too hung up on things like symmetry and making things identical. Very few of us have perfectly proportioned faces anyway. It’s better to ask yourself whether what you’ve drawn works in the context of your drawing which it definitely does.

  2. Well, you gave her the choice to look as she deemed fit and that was the look she wanted. Brava for both of you! ❤ I hope you had a great holiday celebrations!

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