Something New: Play Journal

Surprisingly this morning I did not feel like Black Book-ing at all. So I just made my coffee and sat down at my desk and looked around and saw this one journal that I received from my American friend some time ago. It has a nice size, but very thin paper and I did not know what to do with it. Even if I gessoed it, it would not be ok for wet media. So, I thought I should just start sketching in it, just drawings to practice and play. And I took my colored pencils and my gel pens and some watercolor pencils (little water it can take) and did this:


It felt good. I know that I need to practice turned faces and profiles, maybe figures, maybe hands, so what better opportunity than having a Play Journal and feeling free from thinking that what I create must be good. And if you are wondering about the text: I pulled an oracle card and it said: Trust your own understanding. Like, do I have a choice?? LOL!

5 responses to “Something New: Play Journal”

  1. I find it useful to change things up a bit, don’t you? I like to have a variety of creative projects on the go at any one time for just that reason. I think the drawing is excellent. Her sideways glance is very engaging and intriguing.

    • Thanks Laura! Yes I am really not able to do one same thing for a long time, so change is very welcome. I find that having dedicated journals is helping 🙂 Depending on how you feel, you reach for the appropriate journal 🙂

  2. Oh another journey! A play book to fill in stories of beauty, inspiring words, color explosion and whatever comes to mind. I loved that you termed this your ‘play book’… pressure needed just pure joy and craziness maybe. 😉

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