Life Book Update: 20 September

I was not excited about the last week’s bonus lesson in Life Book, but it was doable and I hate skipping lessons (until now I skipped only one), so here it is:


I think it’s very obvious that I did not put much effort, but the point was not so much about drawing and painting. It was about healing and setting boundaries and in that respect the lesson was very good. The house represents myself, the space inside the fence are my closest people (probably family), the space outside are my friends, just across the river my working colleagues and other people I know but do not really ‘click’ with, and up on the moon the people I have to keep away from.

In my case majority of people  I know are on the other side of the river and just a few on the house side. I am glad that there are only two people on the moon though, which tells me that I manage my relationships quite fine. For an extreme introvert that is… May look strange to you, but I feel comfortable like that.

5 responses to “Life Book Update: 20 September”

  1. I like the soft, ice cream hues you used for this piece. I think you did a great job with your visual map of boundaries despite the lesson not clicking with you. I was short on time last week and wasn’t feeling the vibe of this lesson so I’m skipping over it.

    • Thanks! I am trying to do all lessons. Sometimes I feel like not doing it, but it proves that I discover something nice in the process. Sometimes I start and don’t finish… I think it’s perfectly fine not to force yourself to do something you do not like (there are enough things we don’t like and don’t have choice but to do them, right?).

      • I must admit that I find that I learn something from every lesson I try even when my finished product is sub-par. However, when time is in such short supply I do choose to just ditch the lessons I feel I won’t get quite so much out of. I can always return to them if I have more time some point in the future.

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