She Thinks Positive Journal: 30/120

One more girl in my ‘She Thinks Positive’ Journal. She is 30 out of 120, but I did skip two pages which were gessoed before and I did not want to use colored pencils on them, so the numbering is a bit screwed up.


Done with watercolor and colored pencils. I finished her yesterday.

It’s Monday again and my internet is not working since yesterday. I called the provider last night and they could  not do anything remotely, so today they should come and do whatever they need to do here. I am connected through my mobile data plan, which is not bad at all, but no Netflix and no YouTube and no Vimeo… BAH! How used I am to having internet all the time! I felt positively lost last night without the ability to watch Netflix. I had to make a conscious effort to implement ‘disaster recovery plan’ and find a movie on the TV. Isn’t it weird?! Tonight I will go out to the movies, just in case :). LOL! Joking! I go to the movies every second Monday, because it’s ‘two for one’ day. But I do hope they will fix the internet during the day… Sigh…!

5 responses to “She Thinks Positive Journal: 30/120”

  1. She is beautiful! And I’m sure you are grateful too for having mobile data that works just fine. No internet perks is definitely more livable than having no power at all. Oh you’d be crazy like me or maybe crazier…lol! We didn’t have power last night due to technical problems maybe because of the typhoon. 😦

    • Eek! Power cut would be disastrous here, because we heat the house with electricity 😦 so we would get really cold very quickly! In the meantime, they fixed the internet, so all is good again 🙂

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