• 5/2021


    Again a busy week at work and fighting for time and light to do some art. I did manage to make a quick pattern for weekly Spoonflower challenge. Here’s video of it: Nothing special, but I am glad I did it because I want to do as many of these challenges this year. On Monday…

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  • 4/2021

    It was a busy week at work, so I did not have much time for art. I also did not do anything on this web site, so I am afraid that I will forget the little of what I learned. Not a pity really because it is just a little. Something important happened: I bought…

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  • 3/2021

    So far so good with keeping up with the plan of posting a blog post once a week. What is not so good is that I started transforming this blog into a web site and it’s going very slowly and with many difficulties, because, frankly speaking I have no idea what I am doing most…

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  • 2/2021


    This week I was on holiday, so there was time for art and I did quite some. There is a challenge called #printersolstice which I am doing. It’s easy because it requires printing only one print a week and it’s already week 3, so these are my three prints: Have I mentioned last week that…

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  • 1/2021

    Happy New Year. As usual, let’s start the year with a resolution. I feel that this year should be about the self-care and self-love and being very gentle with myself. I’ve been pushing myself too much, with giving to my family, trying to achieve something with my art business, trying to do the art challenges,…

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  • 117/2020

    So I was kind of lazy these days and did not write anything. Nobody got sick and even our gardener appeared to say that he will start the works on 17 August. So there was no bad and scary reason for not posting 🙂 I was just very very busy at work and around house,…

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