World Watercolor Month: Day 15

I had a busy day, but not so much doing art as with other things that needed my attention. So, I have only one ATC to show you which I did yesterday. I did another one today, but forgot to take a photo, and now it’s dark and it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I also have a video from yesterday for you! Surprise, surprise, it’s a seahorse!



World Watercolor Month: Days 13 and 14

I spent lots of time doing the lesson for Ever After, but I did not miss a day of watercolor. ATCs are quick and I need around 30 minutes to do one. This is perfect to get my daily dose of color and flow therapy! So, here is what I did:


This is ATC No. 14. Again a little intuitive face. I was so in love with the greens and blues that all my pieces in past two days were in this color combo. I did not use any yellow – what appears yellow is actually sap green.


ATC NO. 15. Same colors with a bit of gold. Ahhh… Makes my heart sing! I filmed this one, here’s the video:


And finally, because I was so excited about the seahorse that I made in my Ever After lesson, I had to try one more which is a bit closer to my current style. It started beautifully, but last night I just screwed it up with the dark frame, so I am really not happy with it.


This is a larger 5×7 cold pressed fabriano artistico paper. I really like this paper. So, that’s it. Of course, I started a new seahorse today, in different color combination and this time without the frame… You will see him soon.

World Watercolor Month: Days 9-11

This is the first time I am ahead of challenge! I can’t believe, but there must be something between me and watercolor. Is it love? It’s days 11 and I have 12 ATCs and those yupos and since last night also two larger size works. Anyway, today I posting just the ATCs I did for the challenge.

The first one is this pink-blue flower or something. I did the orange splashes first and then worked around them. I don’t know what’s with me and this work-around stuff, but I seem to enjoy it 😀


The second one is a colorful ATC done the same day:


The third is called ‘bored lady’ this is how she looked to me. She is saying: yeah yeah, all that colors and bubbles… and what about the deep sh*t? When are you going to deal with that?


I listened, so this last one for today is a bit darker:


And after that I did too even darker pieces, but I will show them tomorrow.

World Watercolor Month: Days 7-8

So, my abstract watercolor ATC challenge is continuing. I have made two ATCs and one Yupo abstract over for days 7 and 8.

The first one is an ATC on cold pressed watercolor paper:


The second I did is this Yupo color mixing and doodling:


A friend of mine on Instagram wrote it looks like turkey 😀 I can see some bird features, such as three wings… I could imagine this on my t-shirt!

And the third one I made last night is ATC on hot-pressed paper with two funny faces hiding in between shapes:


Tomorrow is my traveling day, so I will probably not post, but I will keep painting. Very happy with what I achieved this week, even though I had to spend days in the office. Seems that small size abstracts are quick and achievable. They are also quite pretty I think 🙂

World Watercolor Month Days 4-6

This is working guys! I managed not to miss a single day out of six, and actually I made two the day before yesterday. YAY! As I said, or maybe I did not, I am doing abstracts this week, because it’s my “office week” and I have not got too much time for “complicated” subjects. But it has been great fun to do these and maybe I continue with abstracts even next week. Maybe forever 😀

Anyway, here they are… The first one is red and blue ATC.


And then, as it was a happy mail day and I received some Yupo paper from my US friend, I decided that I will try it with watercolor. I was delighted. The color does not get absorbed and consequently stays bright and shiny when dry. You must try it!


And then, last night I was back to the ATCs. I used cold-pressed paper this time. I really like how it turned out. Looks like some big funky flower…


And, finally this morning, I got up at 4.55 AM eeek… So I thought it’s pure luck that makes some unexpected time for painting and blogging. I used hot-pressed paper again, and look who appeared! It looks scary to me, but what can  I do… Maybe it’s because of the early start 😀



World Watercolor Month Days 1-3

So, I undertook one more challenge, in addition to Life Book, Book of Days, ICAD, Art Journal Summer School and Ever After… But it was too tempting to miss. So I decided to do an ATC a day and up until now it’s been a success. I mean doing them. They are not so pretty, but here is my chance to improve. 27 days to go, I must learn something, right? Anyway, this will be a busy week, and I already decided that there will be some abstract watercolors on my ATCs this week, but the three I am showing you today are not, Here they are:


The first one is just an imaginary leaf. I used some gold leaf and modelling paste in the background. The second one is a peach, which does not look very much like a peach, but that’s fine. Practice is what counts.


The next day I decided that maybe I should stick to other objects that may be easier… so I painted another eye:


I like the previous one better. I think I am using too much paint, somehow the strokes are too bold. I will need to water down the paint a bit next time 🙂

So that’s it for the first three days. I did also some ICAD project and recorded a couple videos last week. I will post those tomorrow.